How to Determine if You Need Emergency Glass Repair for Your Car

Posted on: 25 September 2015


A cracked or chipped windshield on your car is nothing to ignore, as this crack can typically get much larger over time and, in some cases, even shatter completely. It can also be cheaper to have a small chip repaired once you notice it, rather than letting it grow to the point where your entire windshield needs replacing.

While you may not always need immediate, emergency glass repair when it comes to your car's windshield, there are times when your windshield should be fixed as quickly as possible. Note how to determine if you need emergency glass repair for your car.

1. When a chip or crack blocks your vision

Never underestimate the danger of having your vision blocked by any defect in your car's windshield. Very often you react as a driver to something you see just out of the corner of your eye; you might notice movement off to one side of the road and immediately reach for the brake pedal or turn the steering wheel without even realizing it. If your vision is blocked in any way, you might miss a pedestrian stepping into the street or a car entering an intersection in front of you and put yourself and others in danger when on the road. If a chip or crack is in the way of your vision at all, have it fixed immediately.

2. When the chip goes all the way through the window

Windshield glass is coated and otherwise treated to make it thick and strong, which means that if a chip or crack has made its way through the entire thickness of the glass, it's become very serious. A nick in the top layer is serious enough, but when the chip is so deep that you can feel it on the inside of the windshield or have an actual hole in the windshield itself, you need it repaired right away. This deep chip weakens the glass and may increase the risk of it actually cracking or shattering.

3. When you notice a crack getting larger

If there is a crack in your windshield that is already getting larger, then it may be at risk for actually cracking all the way across your windshield. this may increase the risk of the windshield shattering. Note that this crack will simply continue to get larger, and your view may be obstructed. Once you notice that a crack has gotten larger or you hear it cracking, get it fixed right away. For more information, contact a business such as Lock Tight Glass & Shutter Service.