How Can You Stop Locking Your Keys in Your Car?

Posted on: 16 November 2022


Locking your keys in your car once in a while is an accident, but locking them in your car constantly is a signal you need to make a change. Locksmiths can easily help you get into your car, but even they would agree that finding ways to avoid locking your keys in your car so much would be a good idea. Luckily, there are ways you can try to prevent this issue from happening again.

Keep a Boot-Only Key in a Hidden Case

Those hidden cases that attach via magnets to a wheel well are well-known, but they can still be handy. Use one to keep a key that only unlocks the car or that only unlocks the boot. The reasoning there is that, if the key won't start the car, it's going to take longer for someone to actually make off with the car, if that's their intent. A key that unlocks only the boot is helpful to you in two other ways. One is that you can keep a spare car key hidden in there, such as under the mat. The other is that, if your car has rear seats that fold down, you can open the boot, unlatch and push down the seats, and wriggle in to reach and unlock one of the doors. Yes, it looks odd, but it gets you in your car.

Try Keeping a Second Key on You That Isn't on Your Keychain

Another option is to have a second car key on you that is not on your keychain. For example, if you wear runners a lot, there are key pouches you can attach to the laces, and you can keep the key in there. If you keep your house keys on you and your car keys in your purse, try adding a spare car key to your house-key keychain. If you want to make that spare key one that only unlocks the car, that's fine; the point is to have something that allows you to open the door again.

Try Retraining Yourself

You're no doubt in the habit of locking your car door by hitting the lock as you get out of the car or as you close the door. Try changing that habit and lock your car door after you get out, with the key. In other words, you get out, without locking the door, you close the door, and then you use the key to finish locking up. Another possibility is training yourself to recite a list before you get out of the car, such as brake, bag, keys, or something similar. Both of those can take some time to learn how to do, to make them your default action. But they can help you realise you don't have your key with you before you end up locked out.

If you end up locking your keys in your car anyway, call a locksmith who can open the lock quickly. Be prepared to show the car registration and your identification (if you've locked that in the car, too, the locksmith has procedures for dealing with that). And when you get back into your car, try once again to grab those keys before you close up the vehicle.

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