4 Ideas to Improve Security at Your Home

Posted on: 30 September 2015


Many homeowners put a lot of time and money into making their property stylish, but they often fail to make security a priority. While a high quality security system can be a great way to increase protection and make your home a less likely target of burglary, there are less known steps that you can take to ensure that your home is protected.

Install Locked Mailbox

One of the telltale signs that burglars use to target homes is to track the amount of mail piling up. If you install a locked mailbox, it will be impossible for potential thieves to know when you are away based on your personal mail. Not only can burglars not get clues about your travel plans if your mailbox is locked, but they also can't get access to any of your personal information that can be used for identity theft. All aspects of your protection and privacy can be increased by installing a locked mailbox.

Plant Thorny Shrubs Near Windows

Not only can shades be used to keep criminals from looking into your home, but you can also landscape around your property with safety and crime deterrence in mind. This means that you can plant large shrubs and thorny bushes near windows and openings of your property. This can act as a great deterrent for window break-ins. Most burglars try to gain access into homes through windows, but bushes can be just the obstacle needed to keep them away. Most burglars are looking for easy robberies, which means that anything you have in their way to make it more difficult to keep them from breaking in will be an effective crime deterrent.

Lower Volume of Phones

Home phones and answering machines might not be used quite as often, but they are still a sound tool that some burglars use when they want to determine if you are home or not. It is a good idea to turn down the volume on your home phone and answering machine, so that this can't be used as a means of scoping out your property. When loud messages are left, this can be an indication to potential robbers that no one is home, but this could put your home and safety in danger if the volume is too high and you simply decide not to answer.

Upgrade Locks and Don't Forget Windows

It is essential that all locks on your doors are high quality and come with custom keys. Having these locks installed by professional locksmiths will ensure that the security on your property is increased. When your new locks are being installed on your doors, you also need to think about the safety of your windows. Most homes are broken into through the use of windows, which means that all of your windows should also have professionally installed locks that increase safety.