Common Types of Steel Safes You Can Buy

Posted on: 5 October 2015


Steel safes can offer you protection for your valuable jewelry, important documents and any type of weapon you may have in your home. But if you're a first-time buyer of a steel safe, you may not have any idea of the kinds of safes on the market, and how they may or may not match your needs. So to help you out, here are some common types of steel safes.

Fire Safe -- Steel fire safes are free standing safes that are designed to provide an additional layer of protection in the event that your house or office is overcome by a fire. While no steel is fireproof, steel does have a higher melting point than wood, vinyl or aluminum. Steel safes are insulated with sheet metal that is sandwiched between fire-resistant plasterboard panels that are inserted under the solid steel frame of the safe. Many steel fire safes are powder coated with zinc, which has a natural resistance to corrosion. This ensure that your fire safe has a chemically-bonded surface that won't rust, chip, flake or peel, helping to increase the safe's durability. Fire safes are typically heavier than standard safes, because of the additional insulation material.

Burglary Safe -- Steel burglary safes are sold as free standing safes, but there are also models that are bolted to the ground or welded to a wall or some other structure. Nearly all burglary steel safes undergo what is known as a 'drop stress test,' in which the steel frame is subjected to falls from ascending heights to ensure that the safe remains intact when a burglar attempts to break into it by dropping the safe. Most steel burglary safes are built to resist standard bullets, torch-cutting equipment and safe-cracking tools.

In-Ground Safe -- Some steel safes are built to be installed into your flooring so that a burglar will find it difficult to even know there is a safe on your premises. In-ground steel safes are built with a top end hinge block and dead bolt and are often built with a false floor to fool burglars into thinking that the safe has a shorter depth. This false floor actually has another layer underneath where you can store the most valuable items you own, so that even if the top layers are breached, the false floor offers you a final protection that can keep the your most prized possessions safe, even if other valuables are taken.

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