How to make your house safe and secure

Posted on: 6 October 2015


Safety is the most important thing for most homeowners. If you want to be positive that your home is safe against burglars, you must take action. In general, you have to start from the locks. They are the first thing a burglar notices.

Call your locksmiths and get their help

All you need to do is to hire locksmiths and explain what you want to do to increase security. The most important part of house safety are front and back doors, so ask your locksmith to upgrade the locks. In this case, you should use high-quality locks. High quality locks are less exposed than ordinary locks, so they are less vulnerable to burglar attacks. In addition, you should install sensor lighting around your house. This is important because thieves avoid breaking into homes that have sensor lightning.

Install the best security system money can buy

Security systems are mandatory if you want a high level of protection. In essence, all of them work in the same way. They have sensors connected to control panel. You can arm/disarm the system from the panel or your Smartphone. Make sure your system is based on Wi-Fi technology. These systems are hard to override so they are safe. Also, the number of cameras can make a difference. You should have at least 4 cameras around your house. They must cover all entrances, even a garage door.

Protect your windows

Windows are the weakest point of your house! In order to make them 'stronger', install bars or grills. These are metal bars that are placed in front of the glass, so a burglar cannot break the window and get access to the house. If you think that this improvement is ugly and can make your house look like a prison, you are wrong! There are many new and interesting types of bars and grills. The most popular grill is a raised window security grille. It is also the cheapest.

Install a home security safe

Home security safes are the best way to protect important items and documents. Call your locksmith and hire him to install a brand new safe to your house. For higher security, the safe you choose should have a biometric scanner and offer protection against fire and water. Also, you should choose a safe that is heavy (the more the better) so a burglar cannot steal the whole safe with its content still inside.

Following this advice can and will make your home more secure. As you can see, these modifications are affordable but effective.