Choosing a Reputable Locksmith Before You Actually Need One

Posted on: 7 October 2015


It's always good to find a reputable locksmith before you actually need one, as being locked out of your home or car can be an urgent situation if you're already running late or if it's late at night and your safety might be at risk. You may not want to spend the time then to search around for a locksmith online. Note how to choose a reputable locksmith before you actually need one.

1. Ask about insurance limits

You might not think to ask a locksmith about their insurance limits, since you may assume that a locksmith will have insurance to cover any damage they may cause when trying to open a lock. Ask about their insurance limits and not just if they have coverage itself; if you have specialty locks at home or in your car, an upgraded home alarm system, or a sports car with expensive tinted windows, these can be very costly to replace if they get damaged by the locksmith. If their insurance limit is only a few thousand dollars and you know that the heavy-duty deadbolts on your home's entryway or windows on your car would cost more than that to replace if damaged, consider choosing another locksmith. 

2. Choose a specialty locksmith 

If you manage a government property at all, you may need to hire a government-certified locksmith for any work done on the property or even for government vehicles. These ones may need to go through a security clearance and other checks before you can hire them. It may also be good to have a 24-hour locksmith's number convenient in case of late night lockouts, and then a number for one that specializes in safe drilling if you have a safe at home or in your office. Safe drilling may require special tools and skills that not every locksmith will have, so consider a specialty locksmith, or even more than one, for your needs.

3. Ask about additional fees

When a locksmith visits your home or car to get you back in after a lockout or to install new locks, they may need to inspect the home's entryway or the type of responder that works for your car's doors and ignitions before they can quote you an exact price. However, you might want to ask beforehand about additional fees for mileage, specialty locks, resetting your car's alarm or home alarm, using any type of specialty tools, and the like. While their basic fees may need to be adjusted once work begins, be wary of a locksmith who tries to avoid mentioning any such additional fees, as most locksmiths will charge something for mileage, for emergency visits, and the like.

Keep these tips in mind as you contact local locksmiths like High Security Locksmiths