Why It Makes Sense to Rekey the Locks of Your Business Premises

Posted on: 27 November 2015


What do you do if you find yourself in the middle of a lockout at your company premises? Do you have the locks rekeyed? Do you have the locks replaced? A lockout refers to a situation where you are unable to access a building for several reasons (such as losing the keys). Rekeying a lock refers to the use of tools to change the internal layout of a lock's parts so that it can now be opened by a different key. This article discusses some reasons why it would be wise to rekey the locks on your business premises if a lockout occurred.

It Takes a Short Time

In business, time is money. This is because any time that you spend without attending to the needs of your clients results in lost income. Rekeying the locks helps to reduce the amount of time that you lose by remaining outside your premises. This is because the locksmith needs to use fewer tools and materials during the rekeying process. Lock replacement costs more time because the locksmith needs to assess the kinds of locks that you have, buy replacement locks, and then remove the old locks one by one before fitting the new ones.

It Is Less Expensive

Rekeying locks can be a very good way to limit the expenses of your business. This is particularly true if your business premises have very many locks whose keys were stolen or lost. The lower cost is because few purchases need to be made to facilitate the exercise. For instance, you will only buy key templates (blank keys that eventually become the new keys of locks) and pay a locksmith to rekey the locks. You can even use a DIY rekeying kit to perform the task yourself. Lock replacement involves buying full locksets. Those cost much more money than key templates.

It Gives You Convenience

Lock rekeying can ease your burden if you are uncomfortable about carrying a huge bunch of keys everywhere you go. This is because a locksmith can rekey all the locks so that you can have a master key that opens all of them. Consequently, you will now carry a single key with you instead of being burdened by dozens of keys.

Discuss the option of lock rekeying with a provider of lockout services. That professional will advise you on the best long-term method to use for the security of your business premises.