How To Keep Moisture Out Of Your Gun Safe

Posted on: 8 February 2016


A gun safe is the best way to keep antique or collectible guns secure, but it's also important to protect your firearms from damage once secured. Excess moisture inside a gun safe can lead to damage from rust, and the humidity may even cause problems with a gun's firing mechanism. There are various ways that gun safe owners can prevent moisture building up inside a gun safe. Here are three of them.

Gun safe dehumidifier

An electric gun safe dehumidifier is perhaps the most efficient way to cut humidity and moisture inside the safe. Comprising a single rod, you install these devices inside the safe, where the dehumidifier maintains a constant temperature once you lock the door. The constant temperature stops excess moisture building up and keeps your firearms dry.

It's easy enough to install one of these devices. Mount the bar of the dehumidifier to the wall or roof of the safe, and you'll then just need a small hole in the back of the safe through which you can pass the electrical cable. Seal up the hole properly (to keep the temperature consistent), plug the device in, and you're ready to go.

Silica gel

Silica gel is a low-tech, simple option that can effectively control moisture inside the safe. You can buy silica gel in small sachets, and some manufacturers also offer plastic dispensers that you can stick to the wall of the safe with an adhesive tab.

In either case, the outcome is the same. The silica gel absorbs moisture in the air, and locks the dampness into the chemical particles. What's more, you can simply reuse the sachets by drying them out in an oven. As such, silica gel sachets are an effective and economical long-term option.

A higher-spec gun safe

If your firearm collection is valuable, you may want to reinvest in a more expensive safe, which will better protect your guns from moisture. A high-specification gun safe will feature a sealed system that stops moisture getting inside the chamber. Sealants may include caulking, silicone and other materials, but the end result is largely the same.

Talk to a gun safe dealer about the available options. He or she can also make sure the safe isn't too big for your collection. If there's a lot of space around the guns, there's a greater risk of moisture build-up.

While a gun safe can secure your antique firearms, it's important to control moisture levels inside the chamber. If the air inside your safe becomes too moist, you could ruin your collection. For more information, contact dealers like Askwith Company.